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300 Sales and a Birthday!

Today is my birthday and I am grateful for a lot of things.At the very top of my list is my family – my husband and two kids. I am thankful for a husband who is loving, kind and supportive. He is my partner in everything and I love him so much. I also couldn’t imagine my life without my toddler boy (who always says “I love you mummy”) and baby girl (who always wants to be with me!). They are the greatest gifts that I could ever receive.I am grateful for Woodyoubuy, our small business which has reached 300 sales yesterday! Below are the highlights of our 300th sale:


  1. The 300th order came from a large internet retailer! (It starts with a letter “A”). They ordered 85 units of one of our products.
  2. Etsy has tagged two of our items as “bestseller” – our phone docking station and entryway organiser.
  3. We have exactly 70+ amazing and positive reviews at Etsy! Wuhooooo!
  4. We are beginning to have sales from our stockists!
  5. And Woodyoubuy is continuously getting a lot of orders from overseas – specifically in the USA!

I am also super happy that we have finally installed our dishwasher! Haha! We should have gotten this a long time ago and would have prevented 50% of our arguments at home. I love, love, loooooove it!

I am grateful for my mom, dad, brother and sister who is continually supporting our business! Do you know that I always send all our orders to my mom? She always wants to know our sales! There are times that I forget to send my sales and she would message me “Mahina benta? (Do you have weak sales)? Don’t be sad, it’s okay, at least you have some time to stock up!” Haha! And she is our number one fan in Facebook. Whenever I post something, within seconds or minutes, she will “like” it.

I am also thankful to other business owners/ handmade makers that I have met on Facebook and Instagram. I just love how they became a supportive community for me. We are all happy for each others’ sales and wins. I am also glad to have collaborated with a few of them.

Super thankful to our customers who have bought from us and supported us. I believe some of them became a friend already. The other day, a loyal customer (I think this is her 3rd order) purchased from me again and she had a note in the order: Hi! It’s E, your loyal customer! I’m using my husbands account. Told ya I’d get those! All my customers are super awesome, friendly and of course have good taste!

And lastly, I am grateful that we already got our Australian citizenship! We soooo love Australia and all the opportunities that we are getting here.

So thank you! I am truly blessed.

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