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And now it’s 200

I am still in disbelief that we already sold 200 of our handmade products (at Etsy) since we started end January 2018. We only wished to achieve at least 50 sales for this year. I am not sure what we have done, but I am really humbled and super thankful for all the blessings.Let’s look back and see what has happened since we reached our 100th sale:


  • My husband had tendinitis (or tendonitis?) on his right wrist (and now his left is beginning to hurt as well). The repetitive sanding probably caused this. He already had his steroid injection and now he is overusing his wrists again!
  • Our entryway organiser has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens Australia! This is a big thing for us! We always watch BHG! And to see our product on their page and website is unbelievable!
  • Our phone docking station has been chosen as one of the top Tech Trends gift ideas on Etsy. It is currently the featured photo on Etsy’s Tech Trends!
  • I opened our small items for international orders and had requests to open some of our big shelves as well (I can’t believe that they would pay for $60-$80 to ship these items!). I have already shipped to Singapore, New Zealand, and USA!
  • I had my baby and toddler in daycare twice a week so I can work more. It is impossible to work when the two of them are at home. So hopefully with this setup, we can accomplish more things.
  • We bought a dishwasher! Finally! BUT, the husband was supposed to install it and you know, everyone is busy. So it is still there in the garage, gathering dust. I should probably just return this to the store!
  • The house is still a mess! 2 out of 3 rooms became storage, the walls have a lot of holes to hang the shelves for photography, the dining table is still our logistics area, a lot of our plants have died, but we finally mowed the lawn after 3 or 4 months? Haha. What an accomplishment!!!
  • Everyone had been sick the past 2-3 weeks! It started when the kids started going to the daycare. They got sick, I got sick and the hubby is now sick. It is tough when there are orders and we cannot do a lot of work! But when I was sick, John was doing double overtime at the workshop and now that he is sick, he is still doing double overtime haha. No, not true. I am working until late at night to finish the orders.
  • We have forgotten to include screws in some of our orders and almost forgot to glue in the magnets for like 5-6 shelves! (fortunately, i checked with him about this) This is what happens when you pack orders late at night! And perhaps because we are getting older? When our customers told us about the missing screws, we immediately shipped it to them! So now we have a lot of reminders everywhere!

There must have been a lot more that has happened after our 100th sale. I am just so thankful for having a wonderful husband like John. He is very supportive and just works without complaints (unlike me! hahha). Whenever there are problems, he will calmly think of a solution while I panic and bother him like crazy. I don’t know what I will do without him.

My 2 kids are everything to me. Once, I was outside and was working and the little boy is just playing with the blocks of wood. I did not probably hold the sander tightly and it flew to my other hand and scraped my skin. I cried aloud and said “OUCH”. The three year old came to me quickly and said “mommy, are you okay?”, “what happened? we need to go to the doctor”. I saw his sincere concern and I just hugged him and said, “mummy is ok!” (while I am crying inside lol).

And lastly, we are not here if not for our customers. I honestly love them. You are all just amazing and awesome. Thank you soooooo very much!

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