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Bush Fires

My son has been watching the fires destroy the place we call our home. What is happening is horrific! I simply can't put into words the destruction and suffering that these fires are causing!
Half a billion Australian animals have been wiped out, lives lost, homes destroyed in all states, a million hectares burned!
The sad thing about this is that it hasn't ended. More lives, homes, and forests will be destroyed. We can't start to rebuild yet, we are still facing this!
I have been explaining all of this to my 4-year-old son and he said "Mummy, I want to live. I want the koalas to live. I want everybody to live". That's what we want too. And in this #ClimateEmergency, let's all come together to help each other out. Every little bit helps!
Here's a link below on how we can all help:
Or here:
(2) Help wildlife:
WIRES - NSW wildlife victims:
(3) Help the people affected:
Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund:
image by: Ryedale Panelo
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