How we started Woodyoubuy

How we started Woodyoubuy

How we started our business? It started when I was at my lowest. My job was made redundant in this big company that I was working for. It was a big blow to my ego for sure! In all the jobs and companies I worked for - I've slaved myself and worked so hard for them - ignoring my own personal time and health. I got praised and promoted many times by my bosses. And that’s why it was a major shock when i lost my job - it’s as if I was worthless to them or i wasn’t good enough. add to the fact that I was 5 months pregnant when they told me that devastating news. Of course it shattered my world. All our plans were laid out already - and being made redundant was not part of it. And so i applied to several other jobs but they didn’t accept me (they probably didn’t want to hire a pregnant employee or whatever).

At this time i slowly tried to change my mindset and started letting go of all the worries and stresses that has been in my mind. I started focusing on the baby inside my tummy. And it started getting better - i started accepting things and being happy. At that time as well, John was making a lot of wooden stuff for the house - tables, chairs for the kids etc. We made wooden clocks as gifts to our friends and thought that maybe we can sell them online. So we opened our Etsy shop and that was it! In 2019 we were already making an income more than my previous salary, 2020 we made it as a company and John resigned from his job and joined Woodyoubuy full-time, and now we are both working together in this job that we love - working more hours than before in our corporate lives but at least we are working for ourselves.

So that’s it!  And thank you for taking the time to read this!

And by the way we have 3 kids now! 

 - Lesley - 

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