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My Four Year Old Boy

My four year old boy is aware that his mum and dad are both busy with work and the business. There are times when there are too many orders that I can't give him the time and attention that he needs. That's why I see him become more and more independent (and responsible). Some examples of these are:
  1. 1. Whenever he is hungry, he will not ask me for snacks. He will just go to the kitchen table and make a peanut butter sandwich. Then he will also make another one for his little sister.
  2. He becomes my "reminder". "Mummy, there's no more food in the fridge! No more fruits, milk and egg!" "Don't forget my water bottle, hat, morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch for school ok?" (I constantly forget one thing on that list that's why he reminds me now). "We are so very late for school again mummy!"
  3. He knows what to do when he is at home with me. I don't need to think of an activity for him. He draws, colours, play "reading eggs" in the computer, go outside our backyard and bike or watch TV.
  4. One time, my little girl is crying and wants my attention (but we are packing orders at that time). He said "Don't disturb mummy and daddy, they are buuuusyyyy"
I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. But what I love is that I see him become a big brother to his little sister. He's helping her put on her socks and shoes, teach her simple words etc ... I'm so excited
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