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Women and Woodworking

The industry of woodworking has long been composed of a primarily male demographic. But over time, there is an increasing number of women becoming interested with woodworking as a hobby or as work.Before, I was never interested with anything that has to do with physical labor. Or using physical strength, like opening jars, mowing the lawn, etc. That’s the role of the husband, right? Why bother?! But now, with our small business, I have been forced to help out in the workshop. Aside from the management and social media part of it, I also need to do the manual work as well. Otherwise, all our orders will be delayed (note that my husband still has a full time office work!)

Anyway, when my husband does the job, it takes him a couple of minutes while it will take me more than that or even an hour. Admittedly, he is stronger than me. For him, it is just one to two twists and he is able to firmly clamp the shelf. While for me, it will take me several twists and turns, using one hand, then two hands to just make sure that I firmly clamp the item and that there are no gaps.

There was also a time when the sander flew off from my hand because I didn’t grip it firmly (that’s probably why the Ryobi sander is now broken haha). And I can list all the differences between me and my husband but in the end, I still get the job done. And I believe, I am getting better at this every time.

He is now teaching me everything that I need to know so I can make our products from beginning to end. And I am starting to like it! I love the fact that I can design a product and actually make it with my own hands!

So here I am now, a five feet tall (or short!) petite girl, a mum to two kids, a wife and a wood worker! – Lesley

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