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Earring Stand for Outfit Planning

Earring Stand for Outfit Planning

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NOTE: This item is made to order, which means it will be specially crafted just for you. If you need the item urgently, please leave a note in your cart and we will do our best to prioritise your order.

Introducing our versatile earring display stand, a must-have accessory for your jewellery collection and daily outfit planning. This earring display stand offers an elegant solution for organizing and showcasing your earrings, with the option to display either 4 or 5 pairs of your favourite earrings.

Are you tired of sifting through a tangled mess of earrings every morning while trying to put together the perfect ensemble for the day? Our earring stand with multiple slots is here to revolutionize your daily routine. With this innovative earring organizer, you can effortlessly plan your outfits for the workweek, choosing the perfect pair of earrings for each day.

This jewellery display for earrings not only saves you time but also adds a touch of sophistication to your dressing area. Crafted with attention to detail and a commitment to quality, our earring stand is designed to enhance your daily wardrobe planning and make your earrings easily accessible. Keep your earring collection organized, visible, and ready to elevate your style with our customizable earring display rack.

Elevate your daily dressing ritual with our Earring Stand, the ultimate solution for earring storage and outfit coordination. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for the right pair – choose your earrings in advance, organize them effortlessly, and elevate your daily style with ease.

Key Features

1. Customizable Slots: Choose between 4 or 5 slots to display your earrings, allowing you to plan your outfits for the week.
2. Easy Access: Makes it effortless to select the perfect pair of earrings for each day, saving you time and frustration.
3. Jewellery Organization: Effectively organizes and stores your earrings, preventing them from getting tangled or lost.
4. Versatile Design: Suitable for a wide range of earring styles, from studs to dangles, hoops, and more.
5. Space-Saving: Compact and space-efficient design, ideal for any dressing table, vanity, or countertop.
6. Enhanced Wardrobe Planning: Facilitates outfit coordination by having your earrings readily visible and accessible.
7. Time-Saving: Streamlines your morning routine by allowing you to plan your entire week's worth of earrings in advance.

Size and Dimensions

Size and dimensions are in centimetres (cm)

1. 4 earring holder display stand - L 30cm W 8.7cm H 13.5cm
2. 5 earring holder display stand - L 37.5cm W 8.7cm H 13.5cm

Product Info

1. Earring holder is made from 3mm plywood
2. Base is made from pine wood
3. Finish is in raw wood (if you want this painted, you can do so yourself)


Decorations/accessories are not included.
Please be aware that the wood we use will vary in colour and grain.
Colour of the product might not be exactly as it is in the photos as it may be affected by lighting, camera settings or time of day the photo was taken.
Contact owner for any specific requirements

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