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Compact Wooden Docking Station

Compact Wooden Docking Station

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NOTE: This item is made to order and have a processing lead time of 1 to 2 weeks (). If you need the item urgently, please leave a note and we'll see if we can prioritise.

This is a handcrafted compact wooden docking station or charging station made from hardwood which can hold several things in one place.

This docking station keeps your phone together with all other important items
Ideal for office (or home office), study, bedroom, or living room which can be used for your desk or nightstand organisation.

The product is made of 2 separate wood pieces that you simply insert into the other. It can hold the following items:

1. watch (2) - or other accessory
2. wallet
3. ring/s
4. glasses or sunglasses
5. phone
6. keys
7. other trinkets and things


When the 2 pieces are attached:
Height - 24cm
Length - 21.8cm
Width/Depth - 22cm

Weight of item - 1.2-1.4kg

Product Info

1. Wood - our docking stations are made of finger jointed (small pieces of wood glued up together) hardwood. This means that they will not appear very even (or consistent) all throughout the wood.

2. How It Works - when you insert the top part of the wood to the bottom part, it should bend backwards. Also it will not fit perfectly or snugly. This is due to the machine’s limitation that it cannot cut in an angle. Thus, for the top part to bend slightly backwards, the hole is made a little bit bigger. This is not a defect but the intended docking station design.

3. Finish – We use a mix of mineral oil and Tung Oil. But note that tung oil is obtained from the pressed seeds and nuts of the tung tree. As the source of tung oil is nut, we recommend that individuals with known nut allergies avoid use and/or contact with this product, as they would other products derived from nut oils.


This item can be personalised or engraved on the bottom part of the watch holder (as seen on the photo listing)
Maximum of 10 characters is allowed per line and maximum of 2 lines only. The height will be smaller if more text/characters are included.
Indicate the text how you want it engraved. Ex: all caps - JOHN, small caps - john, or mix - John. Just note that text that you want engraved to avoid confusion and mistakes.


Decorations not included.
Please be aware that the wood we use will vary in colour and grain.
Contact owner for any specific requirements

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Love it

We bought the stand for my husband for the kids to give him for Fathers Day and it couldn’t have made a better present.
It is so well made. The edges are lovely and smooth. It’s a great size to fit all of husbands things (watch, glasses, keys, coins, phone, wallet). It really is so fabulously designed and made.
So much so that I’ve mentioned to hubby that one on my side of the bed is needed to ‘even things out’ but really I need one because it is so good and I’m totally jealous when I look at his bedside and then look at my jumbled up mess.
So we will be a repeat customer.

Claire Stockley
Very happy

A lovely gift

Sarah Mueller
Great quality. Great service. Beautiful ti...

Great quality. Great service. Beautiful timber.

Ariana Frami
Amazing quality, missing the Apple Watch c...

Amazing quality, missing the Apple Watch charger cutout but otherwise it's perfect!!

Jodie Heathcote
Was very happy with the sturdiness and qua...

Was very happy with the sturdiness and quality of the wooden docking station. The grain in the timber looks great. The variety of cutouts make it super versatile. The only thing I would have changed is the cursive font engraving to be slightly larger.