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Wine Rack And Wine Glasses Holder

Wine Rack And Wine Glasses Holder

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NOTE: This item is made to order, which means it will be specially crafted just for you. If you need the item urgently, please leave a note in your cart and we will do our best to prioritise your order.

This wooden wine rack which can hold both wine bottles and wine glasses is designed to be sleek and minimalist and will address the needs of those who want to display their wines and wine glasses on the wall. It also creates a nice feature on the wall or a décor that would be the envy of everybody!

- note that the photo is showing a 60cm Tasmanian Oak wood shelf with a clear satin finish -


(1) 40cm option - 40cm (L) x 13cm (D) x 11cm (H)
(2) 60cm option - 40cm (L) x 13cm (D) x 11cm (H)


You can choose between Tasmanian Oak or Pine Wood

(1) The Tasmanian Oak wood is a premium Australian hardwood. This wood grows in the mountainous areas of Tasmania. The colour of the wood varies from reddish brown, with intermediate shades of cream to pink. We don't email everyone of the wood that we get so if you are trying to match your other furniture, floorboard or door - just note that this wood varies a lot and we do NOT colour match. You can order this in raw wood and stain it later to the colour you want. This wood is also pretty heavy

(2) Pine wood (Radiata Pine) is a softwood that is native to California but planted widely in Australia and New Zealand. The texture of radiata pine is fine, but uneven knots are common. The timber is also fairly soft and has a low density.


Clear varnish - This is primarily used in wood finishing applications where the natural tones and grains of the Tasmanian oak wood are intended to be visible. Clear Varnish is applied as a final coating to protect the wood.

* if you are going to paint or stain the wood yourself, please message seller so we can leave the item as raw wood*



Go to this link for a written and video instruction


Decorations/accessories are not included.
Please be aware that the wood we use will vary in colour and grain.
Colour of the product might not be exactly as it is in the photos as it may be affected by lighting, camera settings or time of day the photo was taken.
Contact owner for any specific requirements


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Perfect!! Great quality, well made...a sta...

Perfect!! Great quality, well made...a statement piece in any home bar. Thank you!!